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Welcome to the
Art Hot Spot Playground

Your Gateway to Africa's incredible fine art

The Playground

Visit the Absa L'Atelier website to enquire about entering the competition, viewing past winners and more!

The KKNK is a family festival that has been attracting visitors from all over South Africa and the world since 1995 and wants to make a constructive contribution to nation building with sustainable platforms with the annual festival and other projects (now also digital).

Enquire about the upcoming KKNK and keep up to date with developments, competitions and new artworks.

The Absa Art Hot Spot
Virtual Gallery

Visit this website on your desktop
computer for the full experience!

Desktop view

Explore 3D Exhibition spaces, watch masterclasses with African artists and stay up to date with upcoming webinars, competitions and more. The Absa Virtual Gallery is your portal to the best of the African fine arts.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Artist proof studios - 4 November 2021

Explore Past Exhibitions in 3D Virtual Galleries

Visit this site on desktop to navigate through our past exhibitions brought to life in 3D virtual environments.

Absa L'Atelier 2021 winners

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