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Artist Statement

Metamorphosis is about internal conflict. Internal conflict is a paradox. The reality of conflict cannot be contained except in the mind or body of something undergoing change.


The circumstances or choices that push us to reach for something are also those that cause us to feel and witness the conflicts we hold inside. Call them desires, emotions, hopes, fears: the process of change cause all of these to exist in conflict. Yet inside there is a coherent truth and logic. There is a piece of true self growing larger and more complete with everything we go through.


Change in progress is both a journey and state. Objects move blindly through one or the other. We are not objects. We hold both. Uncertainty is how we learn to see.

Artist Bio

Introducing Winifrid Luena, a Tanzanian visual artist, working across various mediums including photography, video art, digital design and illustration.

Based in Dar Es Salaam, Winifrid has been involved in various exhibitions across Tanzania and abroad, since 2016.

He has won numerous awards for his artworks, including the Absa L’Atelier award in 2019.

Winifrid is particularly interested in the psychological and sociological application of art and uses art to explore different themes related to individuality, identity, and history.

Meet the artists

Winifred Luena

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