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Anticipation in an Age of Anxiety

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Naitiemu Nyanjom



Anticipation in an Age of AnxietyNaitiemu Nyanjom
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Anticipation in an Age of Anxiety

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Artist Statement


From generation to the next, the human has harnessed more and more god-like skills , and continues striving for more. With the onset of technology and the internet, our expectations have skyrocketed.
There is an aura of anticipation that it brings. We watch news and we are able to predict the weather, or the next president, the next concert, the next covid-stricken area, the next best hair product, the next phone,’s always about what's coming next, but with improved benefits.
We are an excitable and anxious generation, living in a fast world and always looking forward to the next big thing.
How much of me am I losing every day by following what others are doing? or what others expect? How much of the internet is beneficial, and how much is detrimental?
What do I do to reclaim my self identity in an age that has already set up an expected profile for me?

Artist Bio

Naitiemu Nyanjom

1994 . Kenya

Naitiemu Nyanjom is a Material Artist, Performance Artist and Art Director born and raised in Kenya.
Intrigued by material behaviour and finding a connection in human psychology, her understanding is supported by a BSc degree in Civil Engineering thus, merging scientific principles with artistic concepts. She has a hands on, experimental approach.
Naitiemu has exhibited her artworks broadly within the country, recently participating in exhibitions to raise hope and awareness during the Covid-19 pandemic. Such exhibitions are the ‘Covid19- social distancing’ exhibition at One Off Gallery, ArtHouse Haus exhibition in London(2021) and KAN festival (2020) in Arusha.
Nyanjom is the artistic director behind the ‘Labelled Human’ song and movement under Nairobi Design Week, which involved over 50+ creatives and brought the community together to embrace their differences and similarities as humans.
Naitiemu is currently a creative lead at Nairobi Design Week; running several supporting campaigns, including leading a fully online NDW Festival this year.. The artist aims to delve deeper into exploring more unconventional artistic concepts, and propel art as a universal language for all humans; we are all connected.

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