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Kara Schoeman


Limited Edition of 2

Awe'nessKara Schoeman
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Artist Statement


“Awareness”, a state of being aware; to be conscious of something. To focus on ones awareness of the present moment. To be aware of one's awareness. This emotion is also known as “mindfulness”.
The artwork is entitled “Awe’ness.” People familiar with the afrikaans language might read the word as “Awehness”, an Afrikaans slang word for either greeting one another or saying that one acknowledges something. Schoeman believes that the act of acknowledgement is closely related to a state of awareness. Therefore, the title is a wordplay between Aweh (Afrikaans greeting or acknowledging ) Awe (English term for wonder or being overwhelmed) and Awareness (English word for a state of being conscious of something).

Artist Bio

Kara Schoeman

1993 . South Africa

Kara Schoeman is a Free State based artist who specialises mainly in sculpture and video projections. Schoeman graduated with a BA Fine Art Degree (Cum laude) from the University of the Free State in 2016. From there, she went on to graduated with a BA Honours degree in Psychology at the University of the Free State in 2017. Kara is currently completing an Honours degree in Art Therapy at the University of Johannesburg.
Schoeman has exhibited her work in numerous galleries such as the Johannes Stegmann Art Gallery, Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Map Gallery, UJ Art Gallery, Young Blood Art Gallery, Gallery on Leviseur, Absa Gallery, Art@Clocktower Gallery, Art@Africa and Design Indaba.
Kara is currently a Guest Lecturer at the Fine Art department of the University of the Free State. She is also a Facilitator at the University of the Free State’s Psychology Department and is currently running a metal foundry, where they recycle metals into artworks.

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