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Heard Happiness vs Sounds of Our Ancestors



Lebo Rasenyalo



Heard Happiness vs Sounds of Our AncestorsLebo Rasenyalo
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Heard Happiness vs Sounds of Our Ancestors

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Artist Statement


The inspiration for my artwork was the idea of an individual’s needs juxtaposed by the greater good of a society. Our display of happiness on social digital platforms is countered by the reality of our communities. Stories of self-enrichment over and above the health and safety of the majority in our country seem to persist even in these times. The image is a contrast and a contradiction of each element, as they both fight for dominance within the same existence.

Artist Bio

Lebo Rasenyalo

1986 . South Africa

Lebo Rasenyalo was born in Bloemfontein in 1986. She graduated from Wits University with a BA in Dramatic Art and went on to obtained her Post Graduate Certificate in Education from UNISA. Lebo currently enjoys teaching Dramatic Arts at a Catholic Girls School in Ekurhuleni. Having previously worked in television, Rasenyalo was keen to delve into digital art. She is interested in reflexive materials and uses personal inciters as subject matter for her work. In 2016 the artist received a Third Merit Award for the Barclays L’Atelier Competition. She has previously explored the medium of videography for the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefess. Lebo finds herself continuously seeking a conscious understanding of the void, that is the result of rituals existing within an urban atmosphere.

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