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Metsing a Batang

1189 x 841 mm each


Kgaugelo Rakgwale

Digital Fine Line Art


Metsing a BatangKgaugelo Rakgwale
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Metsing a Batang

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Artist Statement


Borrowing from my monochromatic artistic signature, the artwork captures the pulse of pain; the intense and subdued throbbing. Out of a dark absorbing background, a vulnerable and fragile figure emerges. The vibrations and waves of the individual's emotions ripple into the surrounding atmosphere.
My works comprise of emotive portraiture, they are centred around themes of silence and introspection, an approach I observe in order to create my art.

Artist Bio

Kgaugelo Rakgwale

1991 . South Africa

Kgaugelo Rakgwale is a Soweto raised, Johannesburg based, multidisciplinary autodidact with an above average fervour for digital line art, photography, and experimental grayscale short filmmaking.

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