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Short Excerpt from Tête-à-tête

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Anthea Pokroy



Short Excerpt from Tête-à-têteAnthea Pokroy
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Short Excerpt from Tête-à-tête

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Artist Statement


My work attributes human relations as its medium; to produce reactive moments between its participants through the dialogue of loneliness, on a topic that feels individualistic and isolating. Can loneliness become intersubjective, affective, moving between bodies, to form a collective loneliness? Can collective loneliness, the act of being lonely together, the act of identification with another’s loneliness, promote a sense of belonging? Is belonging even a possibility; even if it exists only in a moment as something in-between, fleeting, and difficult to grasp?
Over a period of two years, I engaged in conversations about loneliness and belonging with hundreds of people. My performative, dialogical interventions explored human interactions and the potential for connection, empathy and intimacy to emerge through the act of participation.
Tête-à-tête, is a two channel video installation, which narrates a dialogue between two participants at a time (52 people in total) exploring their experiences of loneliness. The conversation chairs (tête-à-tête, meaning head-to-head) on which they sit, encourage connection and intimacy between the two participants. A collective narrative of loneliness , and belonging, emerges.

Artist Bio

Anthea Pokroy

1986 . South Africa

Anthea Pokroy is a Johannesburg-based artist and photographer. She obtained her BA Fine Arts (2007) and MA Fine Arts (2019) from the University of the Witwatersrand, both cum laude. She has taken part in many group exhibitions since 2005, and has had two solo exhibitions - I collect gingers (2013 at CIRCA Gallery) and Be-longing: an Exhibition on Loneliness (2019 at the Johannesburg Art Gallery). Anthea's art can be found in the Public collections of the Wits Art Museum, Rand Merchant Bank and Ampersand Foundation, as well as, in many Private Collections. Pokroy has founded projects such as Assemblage and the art podcast Unframed. While working as an artist Anthea expands her portfolio as a professional photographer for leading South African and international artists, galleries and museums.

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